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This article is for the new employee or the pre-existing employees of the American supply and package delivery chain management company who do not know about accessing the login page of The users would learn how they could use their respective credentials to have the proper access to their login page. Furthermore, this guide will aid the users to also access their dashboard.

The website namely, is the ultimate destination for the employees to visit and navigate the login section for accessing their accounts. The employees could also access the plans for health insurance, work schedules, and more information.

About United Parcel Services(UPS)

UPS is the abbreviation of a popular American chain of transport shipments known as United Parcel Service. UPS was established by James E. Casey in the year 1907 in Seattle, Washington, U.S. the headquarters of UPS are located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, U.S. UPS is a global provider of specialized transports. United Parcel Services have employed around 434,000 employees. 

UPS is also well known for its healthy work environment and also gives it employs lots of benefits which we have discussed in a section below and the freedom to choose their working hours which suits them the most. UPS also encourages work-life balance. They give all the benefits to their part-time workers along with full-time workers. Also, UPS pays its employees well. 

By providing the best working environment for their employees they have also taken utmost care while serving their customers. Their main goal has always been able to satisfy the company’s needs. 

Things that are necessary:

  • Laptop, PC, Tablet, or Mobile Phone.
  • WLAN, or an uninterrupted internet connection.
  • User ID of UPSers Employee.
  • A password of UPSers Employee.


General Login Instructions for the Employees of UPSers – For PC/Laptop Users

  • Users have to visit UPSers’ official website –
  • Users will have to enter their User ID in the necessary box.
  • Then enter the password. **Note – During the initial login, users will have to use the PIN rather than the password. The PIN comprises of the first couple of alphabets of the last name along with their last four digits of their employee ID and User ID.
  • Later, you’ll be prompted for creating a very unique password after the first login is done.
  • Press on the login option. Now, the users can start with the UPSers.

How can Mobile UPSers Employee log-in via Tablets or Smartphones? 

  • The mobile users can open the browser on their respective devices and visit the official website.
  • On the following page, they have to navigate towards their login section.
  • Select a preferred language from the menu.
  • Insert the User ID and password in the necessary boxes.
  • Choose the login option. You’re set to begin with the UPSers.


How to access the account if an employee forgets the login details?

At times, there are chances that suggest that employees have to reset their User ID as well as Password. The users have to follow the following steps:

Ways to Recover the User ID:

  • Visit UPSers’ official website and then go through the login section. Select the option namely, “Forgot User ID.”
  • Immediately, the users would be redirected to a new page. Here, they would have to enter their necessary credentials.
  • They have to insert their registered email address in the texts provided.
  • Later, the users have to choose the recovers the User ID option for recovering the password.

Ways to Recover the Password:

  • Visit and look for the login section. There click on the option, “Forgot Password.”
  • Immediately, the users would be redirected to a new page and there they would enter their necessary details.
  • Insert the User ID in the necessary field.
  • Then, insert the necessary email ID in the secondary field.
  • Later, click on the option “Reset my Password” and set up the new password.


How can new users register at

If you are new to UPS follow these steps to register yourself at UPSers and have advantage of all the benefits offered by them.

  • The new users have to visit the official website.
  • They have to enter their name in the first field.
  • The users have to insert their email address in the second field.
  • In the website’s last field, the new users have to enter the user ID and password of their desire.
  • Upon completion of these steps, accept the terms and conditions of UPSers.
  • Select the button, namely, “Sign Up.” Continue the process of reaming and later finish the process of registration.

The new users can access the United Parcel Service providers around the world.




Different Benefit Programs from UPSers

These are the different programs that are being offered by United Parcel Services.

  1. USP TAP: TAP or Tuition Assistance Program is a necessary effort that the company takes to develop and re-train the qualified employees. The program allows the employees to enhance both their knowledge and skill that would benefit the company in the long run.
  2. Compensation & Savings Program: Compensation & savings program comprises of the 401k plan, competitive salaries, incentive plan among others. In addition to this, the employees can also avail the discount via this plan.
  3. Health & Wellness Programs: The company offers numerous beneficial programs for fulfilling the wellness and health needs of their employees. Life, Medical, Cancer, Dental insurance comes under this category. Additionally, the Sickness Insurance, Work-Life Balance Programs among others also come under this category.
  • Medical 
  • Life Insurance
  • Business Travel Accident Insurance
  • Vision
  • Prescription Drug Program
  • Sickness and Accident Insurance
  • Child/Eldercare Spending Accounts 
  • Long term Disability with Inflation Coverage
  • Cancer Insurance 

The benefits of having the UPSers Account

The users are going to be extremely beneficial if they have an official account:

  1. The users can easily get around 18% off on services such as UPS International and Air Services.
  2. As far as the Ground Services of UPS is concerned, the users can save around 9% in total. Furthermore, this would aid the customers who usually utilize the parcel services of UPS.
  3. After having an account, the users can also receive discounts on several products and services. By the looks of it, the discounts are worthy as the customers get the best quality products & services.
  4. The users will also be able to avail of several offers by utilizing the discount codes among others.
  5. It is easy to track the couriers and packages by utilizing devices like laptops or smartphones.
  6. After making the account, the users also gain access to UPS Connect that would provide them with expertise from different other businesses.
  7. USP provides several plans that would eventually benefit their users when it comes to health and wellness requirements.

**Note- It is important to know that the findings of the article don’t reveal several other benefits that UPSers offers. It is highly recommended to visit the website to know more about the benefits.

Part-time Employees Benefits At UPS

If you are a part-time employee who is eligible to avail of the benefits, you can get all these benefits on UPSers. We have mentioned the eligibility for part-time workers below this. 

If the number of hours that you have worked is more than 225 hours and less than 400 hours in three month period, then that makes you eligible for TeamstersCare Benefits. In this, you will not be eligible for Weekly disability, AD&D Insurance, and Life Insurance. Here is the list of the things that are covered in that benefit. 

  • Hospitalization & Medical Care
  • Dental Care 
  • Vision Care 
  • Hearing Care 
  • Behavioral Health 
  • Prescription Drug Program
  • Employee Assistance Program

Part-time Employees Eligibility At UPS

In case to be able to eligible for the part-time employee benefits your working hours in the period of three months have to be between 225 hours to 400 hours. That will make you eligible for TeamstersCare benefits. 

If your working hours are more than 400 hours in three months then that will make you eligible for availing the same benefits as a full-time employee. 




How to contact UPSers?

There are chances that the users might have doubts about certain things regarding the creation of the account and the benefits. They can call the following customer service numbers to know more about the company and its services:

  • Official UPSers Customer Service number: 1-800-742-5877 or (1-800-PICK-UPS)
  • Call 1-800-782-7892 to know about International Shipping
  • TDD/TTY hearing impaired population can call: 1-800-833-0056




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where to avail of the discounts on UPSers?

UPS employees can have a discount of around $4,900 per year by using the discount given by UPSers. Among all the attractive discounts given by UPSers, some is that you can save up to 50% on hotel deals, and in movie theatres, you can save as much as 40%. If you are buying a new car you can save around $3,383.

How to get a discount on shipping using UPSers?

All the current employees and retired employees can get a discount on shipping. We have mentioned all the steps in the above segment. Follow the steps to view all the discounts.

Do UPS have any App?

No, UPS does not have any mobile application yet. but they do have an app to track your packages of shipments and cargo. 

What is the time taken for a direct deposit on UPS?

The process of direct deposits takes around 14 days to get started. 



Conclusion: I hope, this article would have cleared most of the doubts that people go through regarding UPSers Registration and Login.

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