Login to UPSers

 You can log in to UPSers in simple easy steps. As an employee in UPS you can:

  •       Enter your ID
  •       User ID
  •       Password
  •       Select  the language you want to use

No matter what kind of question you have a mind, never hesitate to ask. You will have tremendous support for your different issues. We have a steady staff that can satisfy your needs. In addition to that, if it happens that you encounter any kind of claims, the customer service will certainly help you too.



How can is enter my UPSers account?

All you need to do is to follow the next steps

What can I do after Logging into UPSers?

Once you enter your foil in users, you have a lot of sections to visit such as update contact and request W2 forms, and anything related to your transactions too.

Login Page Does not work?

Try to check that the address you have entered is correct. Sometimes just a wrong slash can lead to the wrong place. If your problem persists, try to get in touch with customer service they can surely help you.

Is the platform available all the time?

The portal is available 24/7 for your different needs. You can visit it whenever you want.

Are there any restrictions for public access to UPSers?

No need to worry form any exterior threat since only the UPS workers have access to the platform so your data is ultimately secure.

How can I know my User ID?

The user id of your account is the same as the employee id. If you have problems finding such information try to get in touch with your manager.